Assignment Help: Add Valuable Factors In Your Learning Skills

The end to end process of acquiring new information and process it to meet requirements is known as the ability to learn. Learning is a combination of various skills that are required by students to process information efficiently.

Broadly speaking learning skills can be categorized into four categories- critical thinking, creative thinking, communicating, and collaborating. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss the valuable factors that add essence to the learning skills of students.

  • Critical Thinking- The careful analysis of information for better understanding is known as critical thinking. With the help of critical thinking students can develop the following abilities- Analyzing, Arguing, Classifying, Comparing & Contrasting, Defining, Describing, Evaluating, Explaining, Problem Solving, and Tracking cause and effect. In case a student faces difficulties while implementing these abilities in an assignment they can seek instant essay help from SourceEssay essay writer.

  • .  Creative Thinking – When the human brain is expanded with the open-ended possibilities and inventions it is called creative thinking. A student who possesses creative thinking has the following abilities- brainstorming, creating, designing, power of imagination, ability to improvise, overturning, problem-solving, and most importantly questioning.

  • Communication- Communication is the most important skill of learning. It helps students to analyze a given situation, choose a medium to portray their thoughts, listen and evaluate the messages being transmitted during the learning process, expressing their views through reading, speaking, writing, and using technology. SourceEssay has a team of experts who offer academic students with homework help. They help students in writing flawless assignments within deadlines and also work on their communication skills. 

  • Collaborating-  This skill of learning allows students to allocate resources, decision making, delegate, evaluate, set up goals, manage time, resolve conflicts, build teams, and lead. 

However, all four categories are required for students to process information and reach effective outcomes. But apart from these skills, some valuable factors add value to the learning skills.

Below mentioned is an image that shows the key factors that add value to the learning skills.

Key Factors That Add Value To The Learning Skills

  • Perceptual Learning- When the information learned changes with experience it is known as perceptual learning. For example when we listen to music every time the understanding of the music changes with the experience. It is also known as auditory perceptual learning.

  •  Implicit Learning- Another factor that affects our learning skills to a major extent is when we notice a change in our behavior without having the intention to learn. This factor is called implicit learning. 


  • Non-Associative Learning- This is a learning process where a change of behavior is caused by a single repeated action of behavior.When the response lessens with behavior it’s called habituation and when it increases its called sensitization. The learning that describes associative learning that is stimulus is known as Classical Conditioning and similarly on the other hand the learning that describes associative response is called Operant Conditioning. 


  • Encoding- Encoding is a process of breaking information in a way that it becomes comprehendible with the help of analytical skills. However, encoding is also affected by two major factors, namely- Incidental learning and Intentional learning. 

Learning with the intention to learn is called intentional learning and learning without the intention to learn is called incidental learning.  


Therefore to conclude it can be said that learning is a continuous process that involves critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and collaboration. However, the factors that influence the learning skills are perceptual and implicit learning, Non-associative learning, and encoding. Students need to master these skills to create great content for their assignments. In case they face difficulties they can seek Assignment help from SourceEssay where they are guided by experts who make sure they are able to submit flawless assignments within their deadlines. 


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