The Helpful Essay Writing Guide: Structure, Outline, Tips And Format

Essay writing is an art that involves, skills of writing, technical knowledge, and understanding of the subject. There are various types of essays each involves different structures, tones, techniques, and even the length of it differs. Students face a lot of challenges while writing essays mostly because of language barriers and lack of technical knowledge and writing skills. Students are seen taking external help from professionals to write quality essays to overcome these barriers. This is why essay Deutsch has gained immense popularity in Germany among academic students.

In this article, we are going to share some tips with students on how to structure, outline, and format an essay.

Even though the specifications of essay writing change with the kind of essay the basic structure of the essay remains the same. 

Structure Of An Essay


The basic structure of an essay comprises three parts namely the introduction, body, and conclusion.



The introduction is the outline of the essay. It is a short paragraph that contains the key points and gives the reader an overview of what is being written in the essay. The introduction should be precise, crisp, and should be able to hold the interest of the reader. To make an introduction interesting it can be started with lesser-known statistics that develop a curiosity in the reader to read further, it can also be a story that the readers can connect to, a quotation, or a thought-provoking question. The purpose of the introduction is to develop an interest in the reader and make him hook to the essay. Students can take the help of instant assignment help from SourceEssay to write a proper introduction to the essay.




 The body of an essay constitutes 70% of the essay. It comprises of 3 to 4 Paragraphs. Each paragraph comprises a separate point supporting it with evidence. Students should make sure that they have described all the key points in the body and backed them with evidence that is talked about in the introduction. To ensure that students do not deviate from their point while writing the body of the essay they should first prepare a draft outline of the essay highlighting all the key points that are to be mentioned in the essay. SourceEssay essay help has a team of experts who help students write a unique essay.



The conclusion is as important as the introduction. It summarized the entire essay wrapping the key points. It should be short and should mention the key points referring to the introduction. Students should make sure they revise the conclusion post-completion to ensure that it tallies with the introduction and is not out of context.  


Take Away


Therefore to conclude it can be said that the basic structure of an essay comprises three parts the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction is the beginning of the essay it should be written in a way that it holds the interest of the reader, the body comprises 3 to 4 paragraphs which describe the main points of the essay in details and the conclusion is the summary of the essay. It is short and crisp. Students can take the help of SourceEssay essay writing help to write high-quality professional essays within their deadlines. 



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