Simple Ways To Get A Scholarship To Study Abroad


Millions of students aspire of getting a scholarship that will help them pursue their career abroad. Some succeed some don’t. The reason being that majority of the students is not aware of the norms that universities follow.  Another reason why students don’t try applying for a scholarship program abroad is that there is a common misconception that these programs are way too expensive and they won’t be able to afford it. In this article we would be sharing simple ways that will help students get a scholarship to study abroad.

Below Mentioned Are Ten Ways Of Getting A Scholarship Abroad

Most of the students spend their productive time asking for tips from their friends, professors and people they know who have enrolled themselves in a foreign scholarship program just to learn how to get a scholarship that will help them pursue their dream career abroad. Listed below are ten easy ways to get a scholarship for students who wish to build a sustainable career abroad.

·        Don’t hesitate to ask for help-  It is normal to not know but problem arises when students shy away from asking. Students should remember that there is a first time for everybody and it is perfectly okay to seek help if they feel they are not aware or lack in information especially when it comes to making a career choice. Certified academic councilors assist students in taking well-informed decisions by providing them the right information regarding availing a scholarship program abroad.(Berdan,,2013)

·     Do your homework before applying- The next tip is to dive into the details before finalizing which research program to take up. This means that students need to do their part of the research. They can seek online assignment help and get in touch with professional experts who can assist them in bringing out all the necessary information regarding the scholarship program they want to avail. There are also a team of academic councilors available online who help students compare different scholarship programs and chose the best suitable scholarship program for them.

·       Get first hand information directly from the horse’s mouth- It is best if students get in touch with the finder directly to know the details of the scholarship directly along with the application requirements.

      Cross check your references- Most study abroad scholarship essays and applications require personal references; that is, someone you’ve worked with either in a professional or academic setting. For most students, this means reaching out to professors and asking for their assistance. When asking a professor to be a reference, or to write you a recommendation letter, always asks them far in advance so that they may prepare.It is also important to choose professors or employers who you have interacted with, so that they know you well enough to recommend you. (Lee,, 2014)

·    Prepare a custom-made resume for the scholarship program you wish to apply in-  Prepare a resume separately for the scholarship program that you wish to apply for and ensure that students highlight all the necessary information in it that the interviewer would be looking for in the resume when they look at it.  They can take the help of experts from SourceEssay essay writing help to prepare the resume.

·    Use a planner to keep track of the different scholarship programs you have applied in- In case students have applied for multiple scholarship programs they need to maintain a planner to remember the important dates so that they do not miss out on following up with the universities at regular intervals.

·     Make sure you have the required grades- Most importantly students need to have the necessary grades that are required to avail the scholarship program. Every program have different benchmarks where marks are concerned therefore it is vital that students know the exact cut off marks i.e. the minimum criteria of enrolling in the scholarship program and work accordingly.

·    Follow the instructions minutely- Every scholarship programs comes with a set of guidelines. It is important that students follow the set of instructions blindly and to the book to ensure they do not miss out on any important point while applying for the scholarship program.


Therefore to make sure students  get enrolled in their desired scholarship program they need to follow the following tips- firstly, they should not hesitate to ask for help in case they lack information, secondly, students need to thoroughly research and extract every minute details of the scholarship program they wish to apply in, thirdly, they should directly communicate with the fund raiser to extract necessary information, (Goldoni ,, 2013) fourthly, they should cross-check their references, fifthly, they should Prepare a custom-made resume for the scholarship program you wish to apply in, sixthly,they should use a planner to keep track of the different scholarship programs you have applied in, seventhly, they should make sure they have the required grades and finally they should follow the instructions minutely that have been provided to the students.


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