Capstone Project Assignment



Assessment Guide


Module Title: Capstone Project

Module Code:MK7247


Level 7


Term 1




Assignment Weighting: 100%


Word count:  6,000



Thinking skills

  1. Draw on a selection of current research and scholarship in the relevant discipline and apply it in a specific practical context;
  2. Identify and critically evaluate available evidence and develop a sound interpretation of the evidence in support of the aims of the project.
  3. Deal with complex issues both systematically and creatively, make sound judgments in the absence of complete data, and communicate their conclusions clearly to specialist and non-specialist audiences;


Subject-Based Practical Skills

  1. Depending on the choice of format, students will demonstrate consultancy skills, industry analysis skills, or business planning skills.


Skills For Life And Work (General Skills)

  1. Identify and access relevant sources of data (all formats).
  2. Analyse and synthesise information (all available formats).
  3. Deal with complex and incomplete information.
  4. Demonstrate written communication skills (all formats).
  5. Demonstrate Interpersonal skills (Management Consultancy format).



You have been retained as a consultant by the IKEA group to review the role of the IKEA’s employee friendly HR initiatives and generous policies, explore the influence of the HRM practices on employee retention, performance and morale and to recommend how these HRM practices might be further developed in the light of the group’s continued growth.

Prepare a 6,000-word consultancy report for IKEA’s COO from your analysis of the case, review of relevant academic sources on employee retention, organisational culture, human resource practices and relevant secondary data on the company from databases available in the library as well as in the public domain, which critically evaluates:


1.  The importance of strong and positive human resource management policies on employee retention and performance.

2.    Effect of work culture on employee morale and the relationship between culture and retention

3.    Critically examine the important elements of IKEA’s HRM policy and their effects on employee morale

4.   Employee development is one of the most important aspects of human resource management, therefore, examine IKEA’s employee development and comment on the advantages of these programmes.

5.    Culture plays an important role in fostering retention and performance. What according to you are the important cultural elements that promote employee retention and innovation?


CASE STUDY 2 - Uber Instructions

Using information from the case study and relevant theories and concepts from the following subjects:  Strategy, Marketing, Innovation, consumer behaviour and Operations Management

1.    Analyse Uber’s business model by referring to the adage of “move fast and break things”.

2.  How should Uber address its competitive situation globally? In your response, be specific about how Uber should use emergent technologies to strengthen its competitive situation.

3.    What is Uber’s growth strategy? What are the biggest impediments to Uber’s growth? How is Uber trying to deal with these? Is this a good approach?

4.  Research, identify, and explain three critical challenges facing the ride-sharing industry. For each challenge, identify and justify ways in which information system could provide an innovative solution.

5.    Referring to the postscript provide recommendations with justification for future improvements for Uber

You should draw on relevant academic sources and examples of good practice.  Your report should refer to relevant academic theories and concepts that relates to the case study the key questions related to the case study. Make sure to clearly identify any assumptions you make about the organisation. For this report you are required to cite appropriate references in your paper and include a References List at the end of the paper.


The university expects students to use Harvard referencing as specified in the book Cite them Right.

  • Refer to for further advice and a link to an online version of Cite them Right
  • You should be careful to include citations within your work as well as a reference list at the end. Unreferenced work will fail.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria for this assignment are set out in Appendix 2.  The general assessment criteria for taught postgraduate programmes are set out in Appendix 3.

Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating Circumstances are circumstances which: 

·         impair your examination performance in assessment or reassessment, or

·         prevent you from attending for assessment or reassessment, or

·         prevent you from submitting assessed or reassessed work by the scheduled date

If you need to apply for extenuating circumstances please find the relevant information at:

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