What Health Problems Can Be Caused By Emotional Stress?

Emotional stress is a rampant problem among young adults.61% of university students are under stress. Students have been found suffering from anxiety, depression, stress due to academic performance, relationship problems and emotional turmoil. These problems have led to mental instability in students and increased the drop out ratio.

In this article we are going to discuss the problems faced by students due to emotional stress.
The most common reason for students that lead to emotional stress is not being able to cope in their academic field. Most students find it difficult to maintain a work-life balance. They are buried under assignments and fail to submit their assignments on time. This not only affects their grades but also puts them under tremendous mental strain. 

Most students go through suicide, depressions, anxieties, stress, college addiction, self-injury, eating disorders, bipolar disorder and many other mental health problems due to excessive stress and emotional strain. 

Symptoms Of Stress Among Students

Students might experience headache and difficulty to sleep due to stress. They often skip meals or tend to eat more than their requirement due to stress. Headache can be caused due to anxiety.

Students can feel muscle tension and pain. They might feel restless due to stress. In this scenario they tend to get angry easily.

Students might complaint of having chest pain. They tend to remain distracted and lack motivation and focus due to emotional stress.  Emotional stress can also lead them towards drugs and alcohol.

Students undergoing stress might feel overwhelmed at times. They start using tobacco and experience symptoms of fatigue in their body.

Stress also leads to irritability among students because of which they start becoming unsocial. 

In some cases, it has also been observed that students undergoing stress have problems in digesting food. They do not feel like exercising. 

They suffer from insomnia and depressions. They have mood swings.

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However, there are several other ways of handling stress. 

Students should exercise regularly. Physical exercise releases lactic acid from the body through sweat and decreases stress.

There are some very easy techniques of relaxing the mind and body like deep breathing, meditation, yoga and massage. A person should ensure practicing these methods regularly to keep stress levels at check. Essay writers play a very important role in reducing stress among students. They write assignments on behalf of students so that the students have time to take part in these extra-curricular activities which help reduce stress.

Students should spend more time with their friends and families and maintain a sense of humor. 

Students should seek the help of online services to lesser their burden and decrease academic strain. Online services like essay writing help allows students to set some personal time aside for hobbies like reading, and listening to music which work as stress relievers for students.


Thus, we can say that online assignment help services plays a significant role in decreasing stress among students and has considerably reduced the ratio of drop out in colleges and universities.
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