Law Assignment

                             LAW ASSIGNMENT

The assignment question involves analyzing a dispute in your workplace in light of the legal concepts and practices that you will learn and discover in class.
You will be provided with a choice of three questions, covering contract law, tort law and Australian consumer law. Attempt one question.
  1. Option A - Contract law: Consider a contract related “dispute” that has arisen in your workplace. Discuss the relevant commercial and legal issues and suggest strategies to reduce the likelihood of similar disputation in the future. 
  2. Option B - Misleading/Unconscionable Conduct: Consider, in the context of your workplace, the potential application of either the misleading or deceptive conduct(section 18) or the unconscionable conduct(section 20-22) provisions of the Australian Consumer Law(Cth) to a particular activity(or activities) and suggest strategies to reduce the likelihood of potential liability.
  3. Option C - Negligence: With references to your workplace discuss the impact of the tort of negligence on a particular activity/activities and consider actual or possible initiatives to minimize liability.
The question involves:
  • Identifying the legal principles at issue
  • Identifying the source of those legal principles (in the common law and / or statutes)
  • Analyzing the dispute
  • Identifying how the problem could have been avoided by identifying management strategies and techniques
Submission of assignment:
The due date for submission of the assignment is to be confirmed. A penalty of 5% per day will be imposed where assignments are submitted late without an extension. Extensions will be granted only where illness or misadventure has prevented timely completion of the work. Requests for extensions should be made to the course presenter, in writing, before the due date.
Criteria for assessment:
Criteria for assessment for the assignment are:
  • Careful analysis of the dispute
  • Accuracy in explaining legal principles
  • Evidence of research (Does the answer demonstrate familiarity with a range of materials, and properly cite authority?)
  • Coherent, well-ordered structure (Does the argument/explanation flow logically? You are encouraged to use headings to structure your writing)
The Assignment is to be no more than eight (8) pages, including any annexures, but excluding cover sheet and references.
The page size is A4, font size is 12 point, and spacing is double.
A hard copy of this assignment is to be submitted and a Softcopy submitted at iLearn (Turnitin Plagarism Submission)
This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Evaluate the implications of a wide array of legal obligations and information relevant to an organization so that they may make well-informed and legally compliant business decisions.
  • Assess the implications of legal and managerial decisions from a whole of entity perspective, and across a wide spectrum of stakeholders. Students learn to make business decisions with an awareness of important variations across different legal systems around the world.
  • Evaluate and debate the hidden links between issues such as personal ethical choice and its legal consequences; community perception and economic efficiency; and collective moral perception and the impact of the law on business.
  • Integrate a forward-looking, long-term sustainability perspective into management decisions on the financial position, performance and legal obligations of the entity.
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