Human Resource Management

HRMT20024 T3 2018 – Assessment 1 Presentation guidelines

Due date :  During tutorial class from weeks 4 – 12 inclusive.

Weighting : 25%

Length : Presentation (maximum of 7 minutes) + PowerPoint slides (maximum of 7 slides)


HRM topics are as follows:

Week4 HR planning

Week5 Recruitment and selection

Week6 Employee relations challenges

Week7 Managing diversity and work-life balance

Week8 Performance management

Week9 Learning, development and career management

Week10 Motivation, rewards and compensation

Week11 Employee turnover and retention

Week12 Evaluating and improving the HRM function

Select one article for your presentation

Start gathering ideas for your topic with a review of a relevant textbook chapter and the references at the end of the chapter. Identify a good quality journal article from the CQU library databases and business press publications such as Harvard Business Review. The article must have been published within the last five years.
Analyse the chosen article to identify a key theme for current research and thinking on your topic, rather than simply summarizing the article.

Design your presentation
A template has been provided to guide your presentation with the aim to engage your class on the latest thinking research on your HRM topic. Presentation is to be a maximum of seven (7) minutes with a maximum of seven (7) PowerPoint slides. You need to communicate: the title, topic, objective of the research, method for the research, argument/findings, Conclusion, and how it contributes to the week’s lecture theme.
(Distance students record a voiceover on PowerPoint)

Upload your slides before the presentation. Your PowerPoint slides must be uploaded before your presentation, to assist with prompt marking. You should also provide your  lecturer/tutor with a printed copy of the PowerPoint slides.

APA referencing. 

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